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Ranger Sports are a staple of the country side and towns alike, no matter the model they have their core fan base which is always getting new devotees. This brand-new luxury  12V ride-on  is going to gain its own share of fans, especially with its amazing looks and great list of features.

Here’s just a few key highlights from its amazing specification list - forward and reverse gears, lights, music, a USB/TF slot for adding your own tunes as well as a full function 2.4G Bluetooth Parental remote control making it possible for even the youngest of children to take a drive while someone else has the controls.

Just like a real sports car, suspensions play a massive role in comfort and drive so this little devil has integrated suspension on both ends, front and back. Doors function as you'd expect and the 2.4G included Parental Remote makes sure you can be in control at much greater distances without the worry of conflict and signal.

Important Info!

    Once you have received your item, please make sure that the item is fully charged for the recommended amount of hours stated on the manual before its first use.

We also suggest giving the item a full charge after each use. If the item is not being used for a long period or is being put away, we advise to charge it every three weeks (even if it was fully charged before it was put away) or disconnect the battery as this could damage the battery. The battery is not under warranty.

    Due to the materials used and the molding techniques at the factory along with the distance the product has traveled you may find slight imperfections on the body work. Like some tiny dents or scratches may on the car body or windscreen, this is 100% brand new item, but these marks are unavoidable. It is important to stress that we are not unique and this issue happens in quite a few industries where plastic is fabricated without post-process.

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